YADL: Your Activities of Daily Living

An image-based survey designed to improve both fidelity and user experience in reporting ADLs

About YADL

Healthcare professionals use Activities of Daily Living (ADL) to characterize a patient’s functional status and to determine and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment plans. ADLs are traditionally measured using standardized text-based questionnaires and the primary form of personalization is in the form of question branching logic. YADL is designed to be personalized, engaging and easily accessible. Pervasive smartphone adoption makes it feasible to consider more frequent patient-reporting on ADLs. YADL can be accessed via a web browser on desktop computers or on mobile devices so that patients can complete YADL at their convenience to keep timely records of their functional states.



Longqi Yang, Diana Freed, Alex Wu, Judy Wu, JP Pollak, Deborah Estrin, Your Activities of Daily Living (YADL): An Image-based Survey Technique for Patients with Arthritis. 10th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare (PervasiveHealth), 2016.